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Accent 1400 With NuEye (Optional)

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Accent 1400 is a speech-generating device (SGD) that offers user-friendly features to make communicating fast and easy for individuals with speech impairments. The large 14 inch screen is the perfect choice for individuals with complex access needs or those who want larger icons.
The Accent 1400 offers a choice of vocabulary options featuring Unity with LAMP/Words for Life, CoreScanner, and WordCore. Other available vocabulary options include WordPower. The Accent 1400 is powered by PRC’s NuVoice software and offers built in support resources for clinicians and clients. The Accent 1400 also offers multiple access options and accommodates the NuEye Tracking System.
The NuEye Tracking System attaches to the new Accent 1400 device in seconds to give users full visual control of the device. Keys are selected by gazing for a specified period of time to generate speech. Easy to pause tracking system; blink, dwell, and switch selection; 0, 1, 2, 5, and 9-point calibration with variable calibration stimulus; variable fixation window size and sample averaging; custom window dwell time; large track box area and ability to freely move head. The NuEye Tracking System provides real time video view of user alignment, off-screen toolbox control, and ability to highlight keys, real time cursor, and/or fixation pointer, as well as default and custom user profiles, all while maintaining very low power consumption.
The NuEye is small and portable, lightweight (4.58 oz.). It can be used by adults and children; an effective solution for ALS patients, Cerebral Palsy, Rett Syndrome, and more.
Includes Table Top Stand also.
Device Specifications:
Dimensions: 14.1"w × 8.9"h × 1.8"d
Weight: 5.9 lbs.
Display Size: LCD IPS 14"
Synthesized Speech with unlimited Digitized Speech Capacity
Battery Life: 18-20 hours (normal operation) standard battery. Battery life varies based on use and power settings.
Battery Life with NuEye: 10-12 hours
Language Activity Monitoring (LAM)
3 - 2.0 USB Ports; 1 - 3.0 USB Port
2 - Switch Scanning Ports
Full SD card slot
HDMI port
128GB of storage
Contents: 1-Accent 1400 Device, 1-NuEye Remote Eyetracking Device, 1-Power Adapter, 1-Power Cord, 1-53 pp. Spiral-Bound NuEye Manual, 1-5 pp. NuEye Tracking System Quick Start (Stapled), 2-pp. NuEye Quick Reference Guide (Laminated),1-USB Flash Drive, 1-Black USB Mini to USB Cable, 1-Black Soft Tip Stylus, 1-Black Mounting Plate With 2 Silver Thumb Screws to Attach NuEye Module, 1-1 pp. Laminated Instructions for Attaching NuEye Module to the Accent 1400, 1-Black Mesh Case for NuEye Module, 1-20 pp. Getting Started Guide (Stapled), 1-36 pp. Spiral Bound Unit Vocabulary Easy Start Guide, 1-60 pp. Spiral Bound Word Power Manual, 1-Storage Box with Shipping Inserts, Accent 1400 Cheat Sheets (Laminated), 1-TS-XL Table Stand, 1-pp. TS-XL Table Stand Assembly Instructions (Stapled), 1-Small Container With 2 Bolts & 1 Allen Wrench.