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Tobii Dynavox T15 #

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Tobii Dynavox T15 #

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The T-15 is no longer available for purchase, but can still be checked out to try the Compass Software.
With a crystal clear 15.4-inch screen and weighing under 4 lbs., the T15 is the ideal purpose-built communication solution for individuals who require larger letters or symbols because of their visual or physical skills. The T15 is also easily mounted for convenient access and portability. It’s the industry’s biggest dedicated Speech-Generating Tablet. The T15 supports multiple access methods including direct select, scanning, and head mouse capabilities. The new fully integrated switch ports and built-in infrared technology make it easy for the user to choose how they want to communicate and to take control of their environment. Flexible and robust, Compass 2.0 brings effective and efficient communication to the T15. Loaded with the most extensive language content available on any AAC solution, Compass 2.0 includes new pagesets and access features optimized for the T15. The High Contrast PCS symbol set will also be available.

1-Tobii Dynavox T15 Device with handle; 1-Power Supply/Battery Charger; 1-A/C Power Cord for Power Supply; 1-Black Snap Cover; 1-Black Rubber Boot; 1-Laminated 3 PP. T15 Accessible Case Installation Instructions; 1-Carrying Strap; 1-Shoulder Strap Extension; 1-3x3 Keyguard; 1-4x4 Keyguard; 1-5x5 Keyguard; 1-6x6 Keyguard; 1-7x7 Keyguard; 1-3 FT USB Mini to USB Cable; 1-Desk Clamp Mounting System; 1-Laminated Instruction Sheet for Desk Clamp Mount; 1-Two Sided Meet the DynaVox T15 Quick Start Guide; and 1-Battery/Power Supply Safety Sheet